Saturday, May 25, 2013

oh baby, we Thai'd one on

We are lucky to have Ceetay over on Alexander.

But I wanted a Thai neighborhood, 
so we headed out to Queens.

I Am Thai restaurant is lauded online, plus it’s at the Lincoln Avenue subway stop, an encouraging coincidence.

It’s not fancy.

And very small.

But the last time I had smoky shrimp padthai this fine I was on a steaming ferry in Sydney Harbour.

Red pepper ground chicken with fried eggs was fairly hot, I thought, when ordered “medium.”

The glass noodles are served warm and luscious; the lettuce, peanuts and the squid are cold and crunchy. Delicious.

And the green papaya salad was so good I wished we’d gotten another and brought it home.

Warm duck in cold plum sauce in a wrap? COME ON. 
These were really good.

Only the pumpkin in the mixed vegetables wasn’t up to par, perhaps understandable since real pumpkin doesn’t arrive until October.

But what a feed, two salads, three entrees plus the duck wraps, 50 bucks. And a romantic skyline view on the way home.

Two blocks from 52nd street on the 7 out in Queens.

If you are heading out, let me know. 
(more shrimp pad thai) ;-)

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  1. AnonymousMay 25, 2013

    Love your punnyness. Thought of you in the dawning moments this morning. How the light was not even up and there was mist on the mountains. The tree line on one mountain top looked like awaiting soilders in a straight line. Oh how i wanted to stop and take pictures to send to you. But it was like 5 am and on the highway. Maybe someday i will. Have a fantastic weekend!!! Xoxo ms t