Monday, April 8, 2013


So I was bicycling along 5th Avenue the other day, looked up and saw this.

A half cylinder made entirely of glass about 15 stories up.

I wonder what it is?

Turns out it’s the work of a Professor at Cooper Union, a German architect named Georg Windeck.

Windeck studied sculpture at the University of the Arts in Berlin, and it shows.

His assignment was to join two floors for a client who purchased both, so he swiped a bit of space from the exterior terrace and installed a helical stairway.


The results are very cool, I think. This ain’t your father’s staircase.


The whole thing was fabricated in a shop and then flown up by crane.


Waterproofing, the stair and rail plus a bit of flooring et... voila.


Like sculpture from the street.

It overlooks the Guggenheim, too.


East 89th

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  1. That is sweet. Looks like something you might do.
    Xoxo ms t