Wednesday, March 6, 2013

two miles from the UpperEastSide

With almost 1.7 million children in New York, our hometown has the most kids of any U.S. city.

If you are a kid, hopefully you have the good sense to live on the Upper East Side. It’s the best place in town for a child.
But if you are foolish enough to grow up in the south Bronx, 
you are ranked at the very bottom.

For one thing, it’s unhealthy.

More importantly, an explosive teen Latina birth rate goes hand-in-hand with child abuse and neglect.

Incredibly, one in every ten kids we see out there is abused or neglected at home. Only one fourth can read and half are buried in poverty.

I’m sorry, but in America’s wealthiest city
that’s just fucked up.

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