Monday, March 11, 2013

especially on 2 wheels

Storm King Mountain is a noticeable bluff along the west bank of the Hudson, just north of WestPoint. It’s on the left in that painting from the early 1800’s.

Cutting a road into the side of the mountain in 1916 was such a feat of civil engineering it made the National Historic Register in 1982. At first the highway rises slowly but it quickly gathers elevation.

At only 22 feet wide, two chipped-in lanes are barely the width of a modest brownstone. But driving the Storm King Highway is a thrill.

At its peak, the road bed is 42 stories above the surface of the Hudson. Drive downhill southbound at the limit and it feels like you are flying.


There’s a pitched 3 foot concrete gutter to handle rain run off.


But that little wall doesn’t look like it would stop much,
 if it had to.

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