Friday, March 29, 2013

and all you can do is your best

One of life’s lessons is how briefly you actually hold your own children. Time flies when you’re having fun.

One day you’re the parent cleaning up puke and wiping their bottoms and doing laundry everyday; sleep-tight stories with kisses and no-no’s and napkins in their lap. 

"Look both ways" and “Don’t forget to flush” and before you know it, they are off on their own way of life.

And that’s if everything goes right. 
We can only do our best.

I’d bet Liam Armstrong’s parents did their best. 
His father is a Nassau County Police Sargeant.

But Liam made a mistake, one bad decision on his 18th birthday.

He was in town celebrating with his buds but they entered the uptown 1 when they needed southbound to Port Authority.

So instead of going up and over Broadway they jumped down and dashed across four lanes of subway track. 

Young men are immortal, y’know.

He’s remembered as a nice and funny guy, an athlete well liked throughout his school.   

A good kid raised in love and lots of bandaids, with family holidays and infinite patience who made one quick, bad decision. Police found a bottle of rum in his backpack.

One day you become the parent and before you know it, 
they are off on their own way of life.

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