Monday, February 25, 2013

two best, two worst and the winners

near miss:

Giorgio Armani has a legendary eye, but I think he missed with this custom gown for Naomi Watts. She looks like she wandered off the set of some low budget sci-fi space thriller.

nearly perfect:

Halle Berry always looks delicious but last night she just rocked Versace with straight-up confidence, zero artifice, the perfect hint of cleavage and an old school, Hollywood glamour.

mind bogglingly bad:


Wtf happened to Helena Bonham Carter? Holy smokes. She looks like she left her bucket and mop in the wings and Vivienne Westwood ran an electric toothbrush through her hair.

beyond fine:

But Charlize Theron was just wonderful, really gorgeous in white Dior. Collar bones and dreamy shoulders with an adorable boyish haircut, she reminds that elegance resides within the woman and a good gown is merely showcase. Last night she was the stunner for me.

I liked ARGO, too, I’m glad it took the prize. But I was so disappointed to learn that the final, fantastic, nail-biting SwissAir cop car chase on the tarmac never really happened. aw.

And I don’t care what Twitter says, I thought Seth was great. He is a broadly, talented guy.

Thanks Aziza!


  1. Halle and Charlize were gorgeous, Charlize with the edge. Helen always looks like a bucket of dog poop but Brandi Glanville took the booby prize, literally. Her own design, maybe not a huge future.

  2. That's not quite true, she used to be a real beauty. Check this out:

  3. I recognized some of the photos of Helen from the web address, I knew she used to be a real beauty. Of late and I don't know how far back it goes she has adopted this trashy bohemian look that she embraces continuously in public, the oscars was not one of her worst looks ever. It is consistent however so it's a choice and not a mistake. Rebellion maybe. On the other hand, Eddie Cibrian dodged a bullet.