Sunday, February 3, 2013

no further questions, your honor



  1. Predictably (*yawn*) you take things out of context. See true persecution here

  2. I'd be interested in hearing what you think is out of context.

    The facts are that when the United States caught wind of this child abuse the camp was forced to close after a documentary revealed (quote) "its raw depiction of white evangelical children being 'radically trained' to lay down their lives for the gospel. Many condemned Fischer, accusing her of 'manipulating' or 'brainwashing' children."

    Maybe you can context that.

  3. Have you actually watched the documentary? No...I didn't think so. And your facts are way off. The camp was not forced to shut down. I see you hold yourself to no standard of ethics with what you "report."

  4. I have not watched that documentary. Do you trust the Seattle Times? Winner of 8 Pulitzer Prizes?

    Or perhaps the Free Republic? Are they more to your liking?

    Or how about the Guardian. If you are a friend of the UK. “Forced” is their word.

    I quote:

    “A children's summer camp that was featured in a recent documentary about evangelical Christians has been forced to close after a reported storm of protest.”

    I’m referencing Pulitzer-Prize winning, mainstream media while you quote a private blog from a Winnipeg housewife. Go back to reading your intolerant, sexist, homophobic and violent bible. It suits you.

  5. Oooo, the man doth protest too much, me thinks. Again, if you actually READ the Seattle Times article, it states that Fischer, who ran the camp, decided to shut it down due to the "negative reaction" from the film. It was a safety issue, not, as you stated earlier that the US gov't "shut it down". Talk about hyberbole! And, um, the last time I checked you were a "private blog," so why are you knocking a womans, when you're simply doing the same thing? I mean, really, ya' ain't the NY Times.

  6. Hee-hee, I agree. The Seattle Times article does say it was shut down by Fisher. Sorry. xoxo

  7. I did not print otherwise, or if I did, please point it out. This was a domestic issue, so it was the justifiable outcry across the United States that forced the closure of that camp. I did not reference the government. Anonymous just made that up.

    As for "private blog", everything offered here was cross referenced to national and international, well-established media before publication as it always is. Anonymous quoted the opinion of a Canadian housewife. CTT quoted the Seattle Times and the UK Guardian, expressly for the varying viewpoints based on geography and culture. There's an important difference between a housewife’s blog and a Pulitzer Prize winning news gathering organization.

    No matter how you cast it, the Jesus Camp was vile and the concept remains so, guilty of the same brainwashing of innocent and impressionable kids to sacrifice their lives for which educated society-- in all walks of the western world-- rightly criticizes radical Islam. It's exactly the same practice and the scorn it compels around the world is well deserved. That Fischer states "we have the truth' is equally disgusting, as religiously narrowminded as it is intellectually unrigorous.

    If Anonymous believes in indoctrinating our children to lay down their lives for an invisible man (or woman) in the sky, perhaps as the outlier Anon can make their case for this here. If it has merit I'll leave it up.

    Perhaps too, Anon might find some courage for their misguided convictions and post with a name. Stating your beliefs while you actually hide is easy, and cowardly, and not likely to recruit many kids.

  8. You are a funny man Gregory. I referenced the Seattle Times, and apparently another 'Anon' read it and agreed with me. It is you that promotes intolerance and hate. I have said nothing about supporting beliefs that criticize Islam, or "brainwash children," or let's see...oh yes, you said an "intolerant, sexist, homophobic and violent bible" suits me. Oh yes, and that I am "cowardly."

    Wow, you don't even know me. And yet you pigeonhole me because I simply challenge your facts. I am not any of those things, but it is your ignorance, the same thing you charge Christians with, that profiles me. And also, the "housewife's" blog only stated that they had wondered what happened to some of those kids now and makes for an interesting read. I was pointing out your own errors in interpretation. Again the camp was NOT "forced" to shut down. Read the Seattle Times article you so pontificate over, it says nothing of that, only that again, Fischer decided to close it for safety reasons.

    You have a major chip on your shoulder with God it seems, or religion, and you spew intolerance, ironically, with the misconception that you are superiorly tolerant. don't see it, which is saddest of all.