Friday, February 22, 2013

here's your chance


As you probably know, the grocery delivery firm FreshDIRECT has proposed a relocation of their distribution hub to our Port Morris/Mott Haven neighborhood, in the Harlem River Yards. Some in the hood are opposed. Others are in favor. My thinking is we all benefit from their expansion now that they deliver to the entire Bronx and they also accept WIC and EBT. (foodstamps) And since they are bringing jobs and community organization, we as a group might be in favor of their relocation but try to get something great for our neighborhood in the process.

I’ve already been out to their current headquarters in Long Island City last Summer, to meet once with their CEO. I intend to go out there again. 

But now local Bronx and Manhattan media have been in touch with ClockTowerTenants to gather a more balanced view from locals just like us, and so here is our chance to weigh in and be heard.


Are you in favor or against the FreshDirect relocation to the Harlem River Yards? Why?

Hit me up through the CONTACT link, or write direct to and tell me what you think and why, and suggest what we might ask FreshDirect for in exchange for our support. I’ll aggregate the data and report on and to the other media outlets what our collective feelings are about this very current issue.

Thanks to all. Make your voice heard.

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  1. May i say, you are an amazing person. You really care about what is going on around you.
    Thanks for being here
    Xo Ms T