Saturday, December 22, 2012

talkin‘ bout my generation

When I was a little boy I remember icy milk arriving at my GrandDad’s farm through a blanketing, winter snowstorm in the mid-1950’s. 

We were a large, family gathering snowed in at the house, and a dairy farmer brought milk over with his horse and sleigh. I still have a 4-quart can I saved from my childhood.

So you can imagine with roots like that...milk in cans in a horse drawn sleigh, growing up hippy, Manhattan in the '80's, our first computer, now smartphone’s and video games and everyone’s noses buried in Facebook...that’s an arc of technology not many generations are afforded. 

All the best and Happy New Year to the baby boomers!


  1. We did not have milk delievered that way but did have a box on our porch where it would get left. Once mom took us to school on the sled. And at elementary school we sang christmas carols as a whole school.

  2. Everyone had a milk box by the front door in those days. I remember! The sleigh delivery was a special occasion, it only happened once. There were plenty of milk home-delivery trucks, iced in burlap bags in the 1950's, refrigerated later in the 1960's. But milkmen have gone the way of the VHS cassette. Same as singing carols as a whole school.

  3. There is a milk company here that will delievery to your house box but you have to live in a house. Comes from the local dairy.