Thursday, November 29, 2012


I scored a motorcycle victory when I walked into this rare Ducati.

The passionate Italians somehow manage to forge their lustful culture into the steel of these machines.

Ducati’s on the road are like Carmen at the opera; one of the best, nerves and tension everywhere, an experience so thrilling you’ll be telling your kids about it.

Wikipedia says this yellow one is one of only 200. 
I hoped so when I saw it.

Now, for the motorheads.
Other engines push their valves open on a pushrod and a cam lobe, and then close it with a spring.

Ducati used machinery to close the valve as part of the mechanical cadence.

This changed everything. 
Now there was no way the engine could spin up past the return-spring’s ability to close it fast enough.

Horsepower erupted.

Breakthrough, patented.

Nobody else can use it. Ha ha.

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  1. Nice bike. Surprised that you didn't get a picture with you on it. Lol. I am sure you miss yours (as in your bike). Ummm enjoy the full moon tonight. I get to watch the grand sons tomorrow. Xoxo me