Monday, November 19, 2012

insane(ly great) Asylum

Manhattanites recognize this shot from about the 15th floor looking west across 59th street towards Columbus Circle, and overlooking Central Park’s, “The Pond”. It’s from an online real estate listing.

Have you ever wondered what $54 million in prime Manhattan real estate looks like?

Thanks to Corcoran, we can see for ourselves. That’s the Plaza Hotel through the window.

Clocktower lofts start at about 600 square feet and go up from there to over 1000 feet.

This apartment is 17,000 square feet, a duplex at 59th and Fifth.

It’s the home of David Geffen.

He just paid $54 million for this place, a new real estate record. The old record was $52.5m.

Speaking of records, that’s what Geffen makes and sells. 
Or used to.

The recording studio kind.

“David Geffen, American Masters”
 Tuesday night at 8pm, on Channel 13.


  1. Holy cow batman that is a lot of money. Awesome views. I would love the grand piano. They are amazing to play.
    Just me. ( you do know who this is)

  2. Geffen (with a hard G) is an interesting figure in American pop music history. He's been there and back again, since I was graduating highschool. Surely watching tomorrow night @8. I may know who you actually are but I don't know who Anonymous actually is. :-)

  3. Would you like to know or should we continue on?