Tuesday, October 30, 2012

sandy's numbers

800 mile wide hybrid storm of the century, reaching 40,000 feet into the sky

69 deaths in the Caribbean

Near 14 foot surge of seawater in the Battery, highest ever recorded 

90 mile per hour winds clocked on Long Island
375,000 evacuated from lower Manhattan

250,000 NYC homes still without power

Another 400,000 homes without power in Westchester

16,962 cancelled airline flights
6 alarm fire destroys 110 homes on Breezy Point in Queens

Worst subway system damage in 108 years.

20 babies saved in neonatal intensive care on battery-powered respirators
7 badly flooded downtown transportation tunnels

$20 billion in economic loss, only half insured.
17 fewer American lives

2 New York City talk shows that went on without their audiences.

Still standing proud after 126 years 
and another wet and bitchin’ storm.

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