Friday, October 19, 2012

forget the alamo


MicroSoft launches its sleek new Surface tablet this week and Steve Balmer has a lot riding on it. To stay relevant in an exploding mobile market that did not embrace the Windows Phone, a software company builds hardware. 

And launches it with a splash of dancing people
 and fountains and stuff.

Check out the dancing school girls. Yeah, baby.

The reviews are snazzy, it’s apparently well made and it has a nifty magnetic keyboard cover. But I don’t think this catches on in any color, not really. I’ll tell you why.


The iPAD this competes against is a device built on top of earlier devices over an entire ecosystem of existing applications.

With the Surface, MicroSoft is running a brand new OS called RT, a slimmed down version of brand new Windows 8. Yeah, baby. 

remember the Zune.


  1. I'm interested in the keyboard cover. But that's about it.

    Hah. The Zune.

  2. Hah. And I couldn't help thinking that the young man lead in the grey sweater is this year's Justin Long.