Thursday, September 20, 2012

still, good luck in the rain

In 2007, NYC launched its “Taxi of Tomorrow” project.

A request for proposal went out in 2009 to designers and manufacturers for the first ever purpose-built NYC cab.

Ford, Nissan and Karson, a Turkish manufacturer, were named as finalists.


Nissan, a Japanese company, was selected in May 2011 to produce NYC’s Taxi of Tomorrow. This car will roll out for the next 10 years.

The all new Nissan NV200 will feature room for four passengers with luggage, a sunroof, passenger controlled heating and cooling, germ fighting-anti-microbial seat upholstery and a USB charging port for your phone.

Unfortunately, it is not an electric or solar vehicle. 
It burns a gallon of gas for every 25 miles it travels. 

More disappointing, the jobs assembling it will go to Mexico and the profits will rerout back to Japan.

This is not your Father’s taxi.

That cab, the Checker Marathon was a TANK. 

It had a huge interior, a mechanical meter and the famous flip down jumpseats. It carried 6 passengers plus driver in a pinch.

It was awesome.

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