Saturday, September 15, 2012

all that was

I remember in the mid-to-late 1990’s a tv show “All That” would be playing sometimes at home.

Amanda Bynes, then about age 12, did a hilarious sketch called “Ask Ashley.” She sweetly read letters sent in by readers and then cored them a new you-know-what in her scathing answers. It always made me laugh!

In the past few weeks, now age 26, she’s been seen smoking a suspicious substance behind the wheel and charged with two hit and runs.

At the gym she apparently “laughs hysterically for no reason.” And according to TMZ, one of her neighbors saw her “having long conversations with inanimate objects.”

In 2007, Forbes listed her as the fifth highest paid celebrity under 21, with earnings of $2.5 million.

Perhaps it’s sad to be 26 with your best work 14 years behind you and not be all that anymore.

I feel for her today.

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  1. Yes, remember her and her show from my childhood. I think it could be a number of reasons why she is acting the way she is. One could be that she can't handle not being a star anymore and another reason is she just wants attention. That is how you get attention and get your name in the papers, by being outrageous. Driving under the influence is extreme, but she knows that she probably will not get in much trouble, like a "regular" person would.