Tuesday, August 28, 2012

right up my alley

"People who want to play jazz actually outnumber those who enjoy or even tolerate it, let alone pay to hear it."

Wow. For me, that was hard to read.

A pianist, Bill Anschell, offered that to AllAboutJazz.com in an article he wrote about the diminishing opportunities in our American musical idiom. 

He was hard on the state of the musical industry in general.

He identified "Gig Whores" (who will play any music at any venue with any lame band in order to pay the rent)

Also "Jazz Educators" (who train musicians who, unable to make a living performing, become jazz educators themselves, thus perpetrating a vicious cycle.)

And the "Arts Administrator" (one who "Diverts and sucks dry the scant dollars that governmental agencies and charitable foundations earmark for jazz artists.)


This jazz band “Tin Pan” is gutty and wonderful fun,
 and clearly following their hearts.

"What most of us turn to music for is an emotional experience."

That’s what neuroscientist Daniel Levitin wrote in his book "This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession."

Buy the music you love. 
It helps the musicians who love to make it.


  1. Hi. Thanks for letting us know that you posted this. Very interesting article you linked too there. Clearly, Tin Pan, the band featured here has now conflict with entertaining people. To us, the whole point of music is to engage the audience. More specifically: to get the girls to dance and smile. The economy here is quite simple - happy, sexy girls leads to girls and guys paying good money to keep themselves happy.

    For more music info about Tin Pan:
    LISTEN NOW: http://bit.ly/tinpansongs
    iTUNES: http://bit.ly/tinpanitunes
    YOUTUBE: http://bit.ly/tinpanvids
    SHOWS: http://bit.ly/tinpanshows

  2. I very much enjoyed your performance that day, Jesse. You guys swing.

    To all interested, I saw Tin Pan across from the Bandshell on a Sunday, not far from the Bethesda Fountain. Swing on!