Sunday, July 1, 2012

God or no god?

This gorgeous photo just arrived from Selina, 
my daughter touring Pisa. 

I found this near Beaumont Avenue and 183rd Street.

Which way are you leaning?


  1. Today I'm going to the Vatican, I'll let you know this evening.

  2. Well, the Pope and I had a real heart to heart, but even after hearing him out, I'm still an atheist. Wha can I say, I am rigid in my beliefs.

  3. Either way, you DID get a papal autograph, right?

  4. Sadly, the Pope wouldn't do it unless I converted to Catholicism. He's a real stick in the mud.

    Don't worry, I got you a postcard of the Sistine chapel instead.

  5. Had the Roman Catholic hierarchy put their sticks merely into mud, they wouldn't be defending legal actions and settling out of court using their parishioners tithings as the settlements. Mud can't fight back. ;-)