Thursday, June 21, 2012

this is how you do it

Melissa texted  “Do you want a ticket to see of Montreal, Jens Lekman and the Thermals?” WHAT? YES. Yes I do thank you.

I had to be quick, the 6 train to the 4 then to Union Square, the L out to Bedford, turn north and then walk up to 12th and Bedford. About 40 minutes.
There was a huge line. Melissa found me and saved me by walking me in past the security guards.

Jens Lekman turned in a very good set. 
He was working without his band because they got caught up in immigration hassles. That must have really sucked.

Later in the show he added local bass and drums plus his digital recordings.

Great show. Started humbly with just Jens and one guitar and expanded to a peak when everyone was on their feet and cheering at the end.

Yup. This is how you do it.

Thanks Melissa!!

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