Wednesday, May 9, 2012

to disempower women


  1. AnonymousMay 11, 2012

    Lol. Something tells me you havent actually read this book. But I bet it impresses the girls when on your coffee table. The gift that keeps on giving...

  2. I devoured this book cover to cover and back again in the Winter of 1969 and Spring 1970. (It was written in 1963)

    At the time I had no idea women could think this way and I was more than a little excited. I’d imagine it was personally influential in that I married a Swedish woman I had met in the 1970’s.

    In March I decided to read it again so I picked up this softcover and took it with me to Japan; I had over 28 hours in the air, alone. It was good airplane reading; crisp, impatient and brainy just like it was the first time. She got a few things wrong but only a few. And it was instructive to read it again 40 years later after so much more life experience and realize how differently feminism is interpreted and acted upon today.

    It actually lives in the bookcase. :-)