Thursday, May 17, 2012

hooray for hollywood
Great news. Aaron Sorkin has been tapped to write the screenplay for the inevitable biopic about Steve Jobs, inspired by Walter Isaacson’s book. It’s being produced by SONY.

Sorkin, you may recall, was the writer for the WEST WING series. He won an Oscar for the Social Network screenplay, too, remember that FaceBook movie? 

I still love that Radiohead song on that link, by the way. :-) It’s worth a 2:26 listen. Chilling.
Anyway, there is already one Jobs pic underway with Ashton Kutcher in the title role.
But that’s a different one. 
In the longer run Sorkin’s version will be the one with historical clout. Both Noah Wylie (who has played Jobs once before ) and even George Clooney are interested in the role now that Sorkin’s writing it.
I met Sorkin once, in the basement of the Music Box Theatre on Broadway, the night his show opened... “The Farnsworth Invention.” 

Sorkin was able to take something as mundane as the history of the cathode ray tube leading to consumer television and tell the story as if it were a runaway-train-downhill-with-no-brakes. He made it thrilling, literally, to learn scientific TV history in a Broadway theatre.

So I have high hopes for this movie. Even if the song is right.

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