Tuesday, May 8, 2012

another Duane Reade

You know this place, right? Just south of Zabar’s along Broadway. The H&H bagel on the southeast corner.

No more.

It’s gone and already deep into new construction. They gutted the H&H and are joining it to the store next door, keeping the corner, doubling the size.

H&H opened in 1972.
According to the WallStreetJournal,
“The legendary bagel manufacturer, which was been featured on “Seinfeld” and which ships its bagels worldwide, has faced its share of problems in recent years. Last year owner Helmer Toro pleaded guilty to three felony charges for pocketing more than $300,000 in taxes owed to the state.”

Ooops. So now he’s got tax problems and the old shop is gone. Too bad. I shopped here. We all did.
What do you suppose might be coming to the new, larger space?

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