Tuesday, April 10, 2012

dyeing for duck

It all started here, in Chinatown.

Then here, 3 dozen eggs, champagne flutes and implements to dye for.

Two ducks, asparagus to roast in bacon, bok choy and pineapples.

Duck in the center of the clock, at 12:00 straight up pink Geisha chopsticks, 1:00 cold sesame noodles, 2:00 bean sprouts, 3:00 julienned cucumber, 4:00 wasabi sesame seeds, (lower right garlic sauteed bok choy) 7:00 white rice, 8:00 watercress, 9:00 hoisin sauce, 10:00 chopped scallion, 11:00 in red fluted bowl, water-softened spring roll wraps.

Was your Easter ducky, too?

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