Monday, April 23, 2012

and the bill did not kill afterall

Sure, this Tokyo restaurant is a tourist trap but come On! KILL BILL was filmed here!
Well, at least that iconic fight scene was.
GONPACHI has a lot going for it besides Tarantino’s choice of set; it’s beautifully located right on the edge of Tokyo's Roppongi nightclub district.
It’s large enough that you can usually just walk in and the food is much better than you’d expect, at prices lower than you might anticipate.

The room is big and lively and packed with foreign languages, although mostly not Japanese.
KillBill fans will recognize this room right away, despite the tables and lanterns and other things added to make it function nightly as a restaurant.
We ate several appetizers. The asparagus grilled in bacon was heavenly, and a very good Blue Fin Tuna Tartare was only 950 Yen, about $11.65.
Best of all, Gonpachi is only a stone’s throw from the Tokyo apartment my daughter had rented, so it was perfect for the day that I landed quite weary, a bit grimy and very hungry.
This was an ideal welcome and I recommend Gonpachi for a fun and tasty gateway to the Japanese culture. 

Uma certainly enjoyed herself there. 

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