Wednesday, March 14, 2012

take it again, from the top

The High Bridge, also known as the Aquaduct Bridge, is an abandoned fresh water conduit that leaves the Bronx at 179th street over the Harlem River into Manhattan. First opened in 1842, it brought water in using only gravity from 41 miles away.
The HighBridge Tower was opened in 1872 in order to provide water pressure to higher elevations in Manhattan, which could not be served by just the gravity-fed system. ClockTowerTenants first visited this landmark back in October, 2011.
But that was from the bottom of the Manhattan side. This is from the top of the Bronx side. There’s an overgrown park there.

It’s steep and terraced, with old stone staircases that go down the hill to seating areas.
The bridge itself is cool, but the brick pedestrian walkway has been closed off since 1970. 
There’s a commission currently studying the feasibility of reopening the walkway to the public. Don’t hold your breath.
I shot this through the gate.


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