Sunday, March 25, 2012

a pleasure missed today is missed forever

"She fought him off vigorously, scratched, cried that she will die before she submits, but the chevalier paid no attention to her words and took her. Afterwards, she smiled coyly and told him: "Do not think, dear chevalier, that you won me against my will. Better thank our good preacher who reminded me that we are mortal, and a pleasure missed today is missed forever. Now we can proceed, for I missed too many pleasures while being too prudent for my own good." 
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for god’s sake. It’s 2012.

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  1. It IS 2012. So, when will men choose a vasectomy, rather than abortion as birth control? Or opt out of encouraging women to take the pill, which does a hormonal number on a woman's body? Liberty for women? Truly? Not bearing the brunt of sex gone awry! And a man who is truly advocating for women, could learn to step up to the "2012" plate indeed. *snip-snip* :)