Wednesday, February 1, 2012

remember how great

When I was in grade school, cigarettes were everywhere and vinyl was king. I saw a record offer in a magazine from Lucky Strike.
“Mail in the coupon and 10 empty Lucky Strike packs”, the ad said, “and we’ll send you a copy of “Remember How Great!”, a collection of the greatest radio hits of the day. 
On my walk to school each day I passed a local taproom, a bar, and the sidewalk out front was always littered with empty cigarette packs. So I started looking for Luckies.
Eventually I collected 10 empties. 
My Dad helped me mail them off.
AND IT CAME! It was so cool! I played it over and over, I loved these songs, especially the Chordettes, they were part of the soundtrack of my childhood.
I still have that lovely LP, tucked away with other treasures.

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