Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I hate these freakin’ things

Who ever thought putting a sticker on every piece of fruit on the planet was a good idea?

Some accountant somewhere, likely. With apologies to fruit eating accountants.

But these labels are just awful. They take the skin off when you peel them and collect in the drain until it needs a plumber to take it all apart. I think these things are one of the great, worst ideas of the 20th century.

Now comes Scott Amron and Amron Experimental, with an idea so simple it’s sheer genius.

He proposes making labels out of soap. Fruit wash soap.
The barcode still functions, you can peel ‘em off if you want or splash ‘em and they soften into a gentle soap that dissolves wax and pesticides and fungicides.

A young man to watch.

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  1. collect them, they will be worth money as laser labeling catches on.