Monday, May 9, 2011

stuffed on fillet of soul


ClockTowerTenants turned out Saturday night to support one of their own, the Greg Smith Group appearing live at Arlene’s Grocery.

“The Greg Smith Group’s new material combines powerful vocal hooks that won’t quit, interlocking even dueling guitars, and synth sounds that range from rippingly robotic to beautifully futuristic! All laid atop a groove-ready, rock-solid rhythm section. A gourmet meal with the tastiest, sweetest dessert to top!”

I’m not a dessert guy but I’d have to agree. 
In the tradition of blue-eyed soul,
...and with a nod towards Daryl Hall of the legendary Hall and Oates, the Greg Smith Group filled the room then blew it down with a satisfying set worthy of a downtown trek on the express train.

You can check his sound out here:

Arlene’s Grocery. Ignore the finger, check their website and hurry down before you can’t see the GSG in a small venue anymore!

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