Monday, December 20, 2010

inches is *so* last week

It’s finally stopped snowing in California, but the past three days has brought over nine feet and incredibly, in the upper elevations they saw over eleven feet of fresh powder.

Yes, feet. Global storming for the moment has supplanted Global warming. The blue areas in the satellite map below are the storms. See the outline of Texas on the right? These storms are….huge.

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 19 (UPI) -- Several feet of new snow had piled up in California's mountains by Sunday afternoon and it was still coming down, meteorologists said. reported Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort said it had received 9 feet of new snow since Friday at its peak elevation of about 11,000 feet, and at the 8,000-foot level, there was 6.5 feet.

"Measuring snow in inches is *so* last week: we busted out the yardstick," the Los Angeles Times reported @Mammoth Mountain touted on its Twitter page.

Photos from the Mammoth Mountain home page
This just in from MSNBC 8:18Eastern, Bill Karins, meteorologist just reported that sections of Mammoth Mountain have now topped out over 15 feet of new snow. Skiers and joggers rejoice.

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