Saturday, November 6, 2010

Say goodbye to this guy

I shot this photo through my window looking north a couple days ago. Stink bugs have been around all Summer. They’ve done real damage in the upstate apple regions.

According to this morning’s weather, we are approaching our first seasonal “killing” frost, as they are finally happening upstate. If you have not seen any of these critters this season, count your blessings. And if you have?
Say goodbye to this guy. Until next year.
From the Associated Press:
More than 29 States in North America have reported high-level of infestation. New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York are the worst affected by these bugs.
Stink bugs are not new to America as the country has been dealing with them for last 10 years. These bugs are known to be native Asian bugs and have entered the country from Asia when goods were imported from Asian countries. Since the bugs are not Native American bugs they don’t have any natural predator which has resulted in an alarming increase in their population. Stink bugs has caused a loss of 35 percent of Orchard Corps in the North Eastern Region.
Even though these bugs are harmless they release foul smelling liquid to save themselves from predators. If you have a bug at home, don’t release it outside as they multiply fast. Instead, flash them down the toilet as it prevents them from multiplying.

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