Sunday, October 17, 2010

a birthday cruise for me

Last night my daughter Selina and World Yacht collaborated on a birthday cruise for me that was at once elegant, predictable and still full of funny surprises. We had a great time!

The ship is surprisingly well appointed, not at all the “nightly rental hall” it could have been. The food was perfectly fine, “boat food” Selina succinctly characterized it.

It began with a complimentary bubbly as we arrived then carried on through a good Fumé…

Salmon and chicken and tasty mashed potatoes….

...and finished with a birthday candle. Perfect.

But the real feast was constantly for the eyes.

We went outside to take a wander around the ship and as you might imagine, it was gorgeous everywhere we looked. It’s New York at night! How could it not be?

After dinner the crowd went below to the disco, I’m laughing as I type this... a high energy cheeseball affair that was hilarious and yet genuinely infectious at the same time. With a low ceiling, booming bass and loud speakers, the place was really rockin’!

The people danced their asses off to 70’s disco tunes!  We watched for quite a while.

Eventually it was time to head out.

The views are just amazing.

I recommend it, we had such a fun time! Thanks Selina!

Pier 81, 41st Street and the Hudson River